Files and Directories

Complete List of Files and Directories

A typical Qgoda site contains a couple of standard files and directories. They are described in the following list.

  • _assets type: directory overridable:

    This directory usually keeps the source files for assets, for example JavaScript files or (S)CSS files. Qgoda does not use this name internally. It is just a convention.
  • _qgoda.yaml type: file overridable:

    Qgoda's main configuration file.
  • _qgoda.yml type: file overridable:

    Qgoda's secondary configuration file. It is only used if _qgoda.yaml does not exist.
  • _includes type: directory overridable: paths.includes

    Directory for included content snippets. You use that for example like [% q.include("_includes/") %]. Using the name `_includes` is not enforced by Qgoda. But you should use a name that starts with an underscore (so that the files are not misinterpreted as regular content) and add the negated name to the configuration variable `C:exclude-watch`.
  • _plugins type: directory overridable: paths.plugins

    Directory for site-specific plug-ins. Plug-Ins in this directory are automatically activated.
  • _site type: directory overridable:

    The output directory. This will normally be the document root of your web server. Files and directories in _site are overwritten without warning.
  • _stop type: file overridable:

    If a file named `_stop` is found in the top-level source directory, it gets deleted and Qgoda terminates immediately. The content of the file will be reported as the reason for the termination in the logs. You can use this feature for programmatically terminating Qgoda without signalling it.
  • _timestamp type: file overridable: paths.timestamp

    This file contains the time, when _site was last re-created as seconds since the epoch. If you automatically re-load pages in the browser, for example with browser-sync, you should specify _timestamp as the file to watch for changes.
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