Dateien und Verzeichnisse

Vollständige Liste verwendeter Dateien und Verzeichnisse

Eine typische Qgoda-Site beinhaltet verschiedene Standard-Dateien und -Verzeichnisse. Diese sind in der folgenden Liste beschrieben.

  • _assets type: directory overridable:

    This directory usually keeps the source files for assets, for example JavaScript files or (S)CSS files. Qgoda does not use this name internally. It is just a convention.
  • _config.yaml type: Datei overridable:

    Die Hauptkonfigurationsdatei von Qgoda.
  • _config.yml type: Datei overridable:

    Qgodas sekundäre Konfigurationsdatei. Sie wird lediglich verwendet, falls config.yaml nicht existiert.
  • _includes type: directory overridable: paths.includes

    Directory for included content snippets. You use that for example like [% q.include("_includes/") %]. Using the name `_includes` is not enforced by Qgoda. But you should use a name that starts with an underscore (so that the files are not misinterpreted as regular content) and add the negated name to the configuration variable `C:exclude-watch`.
  • _plugins type: directory overridable: paths.plugins

    Directory for site-specific plug-ins. Plug-Ins in this directory are automatically activated.
  • _site type: directory overridable:

    The output directory. This will normally be the document root of your web server. Files and directories in _site are overwritten without warning.
  • _timestamp type: file overridable: paths.timestamp

    This file contains the time, when _site was last re-created as seconds since the epoch. If you automatically re-load pages in the browser, for example with browser-sync, you should specify _timestamp as the file to watch for changes.