Learn how to create a website with Qgoda, with tutorial-style introductory information for beginners or exhaustive API documentation for the experienced.

Qgoda is a static site generator. It is mainly intended for blogs but you can build any website you want with it. And by the way, it is pronounced yagoda.

Setting up your own blog, portfolio or company web site with Qgoda is simple and straightforward. Yet, Qgoda comes with a unique feature set that makes even complex websites feasible and fun to implement. The highlights are:

  • A powerful yet easy to learn templating language.
  • Arbitrary taxonomies like categories, tags, languages, abstract names or whatever you want. Structuring your documents or linking to a specific document is possible in a very flexible way.
  • Extensibility. Write your extensions in Perl, Python, Ruby or even more languages on request.
  • Built-in multi-language support for websites with an international audience or documentation (like this one).