Data Privacy

What private date does this site receive, and what does it use it for?

You cannot download any data or information from the internet without sending data or information first. This page tries to inform you what information is collected related to your visit.


Like most web sites, this site stores information about every request in a server log file, a file stored on the web server. Visiting one single page typically results in multiple requests, for textual content, images or other media, script files, style sheets and so on.

What Is Stored?

The following pieces of information sent by your browser are stored:

  • Your IP address. This address identifies your computer or other device while you are connected to the internet. Your internet service provider (ISP) has the legal duty to store information about which IP address was assigned to which customer for a certain time in most countries.
  • The date and time of the request with an accuracy of one second.
  • The address of the resource.
  • Information about the browser and operating systems you are using and their respective versions. See the documentation of your browser if you want to suppress sending that information.
  • In case that you visited the page by clicking a link, information about the referring web site. See the documentation of your browser if you want to suppress sending that information.

All this information is stored for technical purposes only, such as analysis of technial problems.

Note that suppressing your IP address does not make sense. Any server needs it as the address to which it should send the requested data. The purpose of the IP address is not to disrupt your privacy but it is needed for any communication on the internet.

How Long Is It Stored?

Log files are ultimately deleted after at most one month.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are little pieces of information that the site sends to your browser. The browser stores this information in a file or in memory, and sends it back to the server with all following requests until the cookie expires or the browser is instructed to delete it.

Typical examples for information stored in cookies are language preferences or for example the content of a shopping cart.

How Can You Disable Cookies?

Please see your browser's documentation for information about how to disable cookies in general, for specific sites, or from specific sources.