Terms and Concepts

Explanation of frequently used terms and concepts
  • epoch A certain date and time is often expressed as seconds elapsed since the epoch, where epoch stands for 1 January 1970 00:00:00 UTC. This has the advantage that such timestamps are completely independent of time zones and daylight savings time rules.
  • front matter A block of document properties in YAML format at the beginning of the page. This block has to be enclosed in two lines consisting of just three hyphens ---, the first of which has to be the first line of the file. See the introduction for more information. for more information.
  • sass SASS is a popular CSS pre-processor and its original syntax. The syntax is nowadays usually superseded by SCSS.
  • scss SCSS is a SASS syntax introduced in Sass 3. It is a strict superset of CSS, so that every valid CSS file is also a valid SCSS file.