The Qgoda Static Site Generator

No database, no fuzz, no buzz. Qgoda works everywhere. Write your texts using Markdown and we've got you going. Multi-language is not a hack but built-in, using gettext and po files, flexible and super easy to use.



Qgoda Version 0.10.1 Available Via Homebrew

July, 14 2023 - Guido Flohr

Qgoda version 0.10.1 can now be downloaded from GitHub at Read More →

LinuxLinks Votes Qgoda Best Perl Static Site Generator

June, 21 2023 - Guido Flohr

In the survey "9 Best Free and Open Source Perl Static Site Generators" by Eilidih Parris published on LinuxLinks, Qgoda came in on first place with a rating of 7.9 out of 10 points. Runner-up is Plerd, followed by Statocles and ikiwiki on joint 3rd place. Read More →

Old sideboard with many drawers

Unlimited Taxonomies

With Qgoda you don't have to restrict yourself to tags and categories for structuring your content. You can use as many taxonomies as you want and you can freely combine them for listings and filters.

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Multi-Language Blogging

Qgoda's multi-language feature set is second to no other Content Management System, leave alone static site generators. No hacks required. The multi-language features are an integral part of Qgoda.

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A strawberry

How the Heck Is That Pronounced?

It is pronounced "yagoda" and it means strawberry in Bulgarian and other Slavic languages. The cyrillic letter "ya" is commonly transcribed as "q" because it resembles the original cyrillic letter "я".


Rock stable, universally available, and fast. But don't be afraid. You don't need Perl for using Qgoda. Even when you want to extend Qgoda, you can do so with the programming language of your choice.

Node.JS is the most popular platform for building web applications today. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Qgoda uses webpack, browser-sync, postcss, and so on as helpers.

Yeoman is the most popular scaffolding tool for web apps. You can build your Qgoda site from scratch with Yeoman based Qgoda generator generator with exactly the components and features you want.

Qgoda ships with the embeddable JavaScript engine Duktape. That gives us the possibility to choose between JavaScript and Perl implementations and pick whatever does the job best.

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