Qgoda Version 0.10.1 Available Via Homebrew

 July, 14 2023 - Guido Flohr

Qgoda version 0.10.1 can now be downloaded from GitHub at https://github.com/gflohr/qgoda/releases.

It contains all recent improvements on Qgoda and also some changes that break compatibility with older versions. The error messages that you receive should give you a clear idea of what you have to change.

Mac users will be happy to hear that you can now install Qgoda including all dependencies with Homebrew:

$ brew tap gflohr/homebrew
$ brew install qgoda

Installing on other platforms is a little bit dodgy at the moment. The Duktape binding for Perl is fixed by now but the fix is not yet available on CPAN, so that you have to install it from the sources on GitHub.

Also, in order to reduce the number of dependencies of Qgoda, the module AnyEvent-Filesys-Notify has been replaced with a functionally equivalent module AnyEvent-Filesys-Watcher. The two modules may eventually be merged in the future, and therefore the latter is not yet on CPAN.

Until then, you have to install Qgoda in three steps:

Install JavaScript-Duktape-XS

$ git clone https://github.com/gonzus/JavaScript-Duktape-XS.git
$ cd JavaScript-Duktape-XS
$ cpanm .

Install AnyEvent-Filesys-Watcher

$ git clone https://github.com/gflohr/AnyEvent-Filesys-Watcher.git
$ cd AnyEvent-Filesys-Watcher
$ cpanm .

Install Qgoda

$ git clone https://github.com/gflohr/qgoda.git
$ cd qgoda
$ cpanm .

Upgrade Hints

If you are upgrading from a previous version, you may have to modify a couple of configuration variables.

In general, all underscores in configuration variables have been replaced by a hyphen, for example exclude_watch is now exclude-watch.

Another breaking change is that all your private variables have to start with an underscore. That is necessary in order to clearly separate the namespace for Qgoda variables and private variables, so that there cannot be any conflicting variables.

If you run qgoda config in a project repository of yours, the error messages will guide you in correcting the variables. When renaming configuration variables in _config.yaml you should also change references to them in your view files (templates) and possible markdown documents.

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