Qgoda Version 0.9.7 Released

 April, 11 2020 - Guido Flohr

After quite a long time, a new qgoda version has been released. The reason for the long delay were two particularly nasty issues and, like always, lack of time.

Version 0.9.7 is available for download either as a regular Perl install, a docker image or from github.

The biggest problem at the moment - and it is still unresolved - is that one of Qgoda's dependencies JavaScript::Duktape::XS has an unresolved issue which breaks Qgoda. Unfortunately, you cannot specify a specific version as a dependency in Perl but only a minimum version. That means that fresh installs will always be broken. The current workaround is to install that specific version of JavaScript::Duktape::XS manually before you install qgoda:

$ cpanm GONZUS/JavaScript-Duktape-XS-0.000074.tar.gz

Should qgoda detect an incompatible version of JavaScript::Duktape::XS being used, it now terminates with an errror message to make the problem more obvious.

Another change is that AnyEvent::Filesys::Inotify was added again as a dependency. That package has a lot of dependencies which makes it somewhat hard to install. Therefore, Qgoda 0.9.6 contained a replace with less dependencies. It turned out, however, that his caused other issues, for example https://github.com/gflohr/qgoda/issues/88, and so the old version was restored instead.

Other than that, a number of smaller bugs have been fixed.

Have fun with Qgoda and stay healthy!

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