Qgoda Version 0.9.5 Released

 December, 1 2018 - Guido Flohr

The new Qgoda version fixes a couple of minor bugs that have been found while writing more and better tests. It also comes with an improved docker image. Version 0.9.5 is available for download either as a regular Perl install, a docker image or from github.

When running as a docker container, you can now stop the process simply by pressing CTRL-C instead of having to run docker container kill. For improved security, the software now runs as an unprivileged user inside the container.

Another new way to stop Qgoda is to drop a file named _stop in the root directory. You can optionally write a reason for stopping into the file, which will be displayed on termination.

Most of the changes are however internal. Code has been cleaned up, a lot of new tests have been written, and a lot of small issues have been fixed.