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No database, no fuzz, no buzz. Qgoda works everywhere. Write your texts using Markdown and we've got you going. HTML knowledge is a plus but not a requirement.



Qgoda at the German Perl Workshop 2018

March, 20 2018

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Feature Freeze

January, 2 2018
Old sideboard with many drawers

Unlimited Taxonomies

With Qgoda you don't have to restrict yourself to tags and categories for structuring your content. You can use as many taxonomies as you want and you can freely combine them for listings and filters.

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Multi-Language Blogging

Qgoda's multi-language feature set is second to no other Content Management System, leave alone static site generators. No hacks required. The multi-language features are an integral part of Qgoda.

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The earth from space
A strawberry

How the Heck Is That Pronounced?

It is pronounced yagoda and it means strawberry in Bulgarian and other Slavic languages. The cyrillic letter ya is commonly transcribed as q because it resembles the original cyrillic letter я.


Rock stable, universally available, and fast. But don't be afraid. You don't need Perl for using qgoda. Even when you want to extend qgoda, you can do so with the programming language of your choice.

Node.JS is the most popular platform for building web applications today. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, qgoda uses libsass, uglifyjs, and so on as helpers.